Weekly # 1

 A new bookshelf, a new book, and simple details... This is my week in pictures, with soundtrack by Ghost ;)

So, talking about re-decorate, last week I finally had my hands on the lovely and simple bookshelf that my father and I designed. It is truly amazing! the simplicity of the lines, the color, and the amount of shelves are like a blank canvas to do whatever I want!

Who said I am a "Notebook-crazy-lady"? hahaha... I have serious issues with Moleskines and pretty little notebooks...

A classic really close to my heart: "Les fleurs du Mal" by C. Baudelaire.

Pretty little details ;)

 Worth reading book, savage girls! worth reading!
(Bookmark is a beautiful illustration by Jordi Labanda)

That's all for now dears! 
Hope you have and amazing weekend full of fun :)


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