Room project

A growing obsession about decoration led me to re-decorate my room... 

I have wonderful friends with amazing artistic skills that gave me great original images to frame and hang on my wall or put in magical corners (thanks Alejandra Calle-Cook, Robert Cook, Carlos Álvarez, Marcela Bolívar and Cami Alzate! love you lots!) Also I recently received a very pretty duvet by Vêtements, so this encouraged me to start with the re-decoration.

These photos are material of heavy inspiration Hope you enjoy them. 

Recently I did a window for a menswear store with this kind of lights. I just love them!
And the Mirror, Mirror is fenomenal! (I know, I could not resist the urge to post the song by Candlemass hehehe)

Come on! Perfections means brilliant ideas less than $5!

Sister witch needs witchy vibes in her room! Love the simplicity of those candle holders. And I will not even spend time writing about how perfect the curtain is... LOVE!

Statement words and phrases. Cheesy, but words have infinite power! (Note to self: please change Paris for Buenos Aires ;) )

And last but not least, gems and minerals... not in a piece of paper, but in an altar :)

So, do you like the idea? 
Please feel free to share with me some ideas, moodboards and photos :)

Have a great night,



  1. Marimekko has some vases like the one with black dots. The name of the collection is Rasymatto if you want to check it out. ;) ;)

    1. Marimekko is always super inspiring!!! I love their textiles so much... :) Thanks!